Ugandan Politics and the People who make it happen

I was looking at the #mpsEngage trend that was going around on twitter recently and it got me thinking about the state of our parliament. I keep thinking about the parliamentarians and whether or not they all have a good grip on their job. Of course bearing in mind that for some who seem apt for the job, their academic credentials are in question, while for others whose credentials are solid, well, their struggle with the pronunciation of the word “solemnly” leaves me wondering if this is not one big joke. And no, I am not saying that we should have elected mps simply because they spoke good English, but one’s failure to express oneself in the official language should give the people whom that individual plans on representing in parliament the heebie-jeebies. And then, while an mp is representing a particular constituency, he legislates for the entire country. So we all should indeed have the heebie-jeebies. All of us, Uganda.
This is why I am calling upon as many of us as can to get involved in the governing of our country. It is our country and thus, our responsibility. Our members of parliament need all the help that they can get. Let’s keep putting our voice out there and stand to be counted.
Social media is a good tool, but I doubt that someone who can’t say “solemnly” can find their way around twitter. Our leaders only open their social media accounts during election time and even then, their accounts’ vibrancy and relevance leaves so much to be desired. Maybe they can go back to the two week camp, where they learned how to use their iPads, to be taught how to use twitter and different social media. (This is a sarcastic joke. Not a suggestion. We can’t let them pull such moves on us again by the way!!!)
But seriously, while we are vibrant about our country on social media, it in this day and age, is sadly a language many of them barely speak. So, if they can’t speak our language, we need to speak theirs. Let us be involved even in ‘conventional media.’ If they can’t get on social media, but can read the papers, or watch the news, or listen to the radio, then let’s be there as well to speak to them where they will hear us.
Whatever the case, the lines of communication between us and our leaders must be clear and uninterrupted.
Finally, to the honorable minister in charge of ICT, it should be mandatory that our members of parliament and all key players in government have an active social media presence (at the very least, on twitter and facebook). If they must, let them hire teams for this. It creates jobs for so many young people while at the same time keeping a hand on the pulse of the nation. (This is an actual suggestion, not a sarcastic joke.)
To the Ugandans who are engaging our leaders, not just the mps, but the entire scope of leadership from the top all the way ‘up to down there’ (it doesn’t get old, does it Mr. Ma Breezy?), you have our appreciation.
Keep up the good work.
For God and My Country.

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