That factor that makes you the Best for your job.

So you and I are every so occasionally faced with different challenges in the lives that we lead. Some are well within our ability to handle, while others… Well… Not so much.
The reason why God in all his omniscience would allow you to go through whatever you go through is because you were specifically designed to handle that kind of challenge. Regardless of how difficult, how impossible it is, God made you for that kind of challenge. Take for example, the best surgeons in the world. They can be in surgery for as many as ten, fifteen, sometimes even twenty hours straight. That’s not easy and no, it’s not comfortable. But the reason they can go on that long on a particular procedure is because they are the best qualified person for that particular challenge.
They have been trained, tried and tested to not only achieve the desired result, but also to endure the challenges that are entailed in the work that they do.
You are the best candidate for your job, not just because of how much work you can deliver, but rather because of how much of the pressure you can take. You are actually more trained to take on the pressures that come along with the job than for the job itself. And these pressures and our difference in ability to thrive under them is what ‘sets the men apart from the boys.’

Jesus Christ once called Simon Peter to take a walk with him on the water. Simon stepped out of the boat and actually walked on the water. Moments later, he began to sink because of his “unbelief.”
But I ask, when Peter sank, why didn’t he drown? Could it be because by virtue of the fact that Peter was a good and experienced fisherman, he was also a just as good and experienced swimmer? My point in the question being a very simple one; If God is going to call you to walk on water, you had better know how to swim. It is that simple.
History is full of people who’ve been assigned tasks that they couldn’t handle in their human capacity. God every so occasionally throws things our way that He knows are out of our ability to handle, but He knows we can ENDURE while the solution comes. And this endurance is learned. Endurance is grown. It is TRAINED. It is developed.

Sometimes, all you need to do is hold on while help comes your way. That is what your training is for. It is for the wait while help comes.

An army in the heat of battle that seems overwhelmed by their adversary has a very critical decision to make. They can either retreat from the face of their enemies or they can hold their ground as they await reinforcements. However, their ability to hold their ground largely depends on their training.
We, in like way, are the best people suited to handle the specific challenges that come our way because we went through the process that gave us the capacity to endure the challenges that come with getting what we need to get done, done.

So to be the best at your job is actually very simple. Do not shy away from the challenges you know you can’t handle. Know that your training gave you not just the skill, but the spine and endurance for all those challenges. If you are well trained, you will never be taken out by what comes your way. You will weather that storm whatever it may be.

Once again, if you can’t walk on the water, you had better be able to swim.
Of course if you have no training for what you do… You know what? Let’s not get into that right now.
But in all these things, the ultimate advice is to trust in the Lord with all your heart and to not lean on your own understanding.


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4 thoughts on “That factor that makes you the Best for your job.

  1. This article is deep content wise but I feel it lacks some realism. I mean personally what makes me the best at my job is having a unique skill or way of operation that is different from the rest. Yes the challenges are undeniably there but I endure them becoz I know at the end of it all my salary is on my account and am able to beat the competition present for my position. We all want to keep our offices and only leave when we are being promoted BUT not becoz I have the ability to withstand the challenges. I think this article shud be abt the forces that enable us to beat challenges at work. Just thinking out loud otherwise thank u for the article


    1. Thank you for the feedback, Sparkle.
      I see the point you are trying to make, however, this ‘skill’ you talk about is actually acquired in training, isn’t it?
      Also, the promotion comes not just because you do your job well. It comes because you have shown that you actually have what it takes to take on the dynamics of the bigger (more challenging) job. Wouldn’t you think so?


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