Early bird, Early Worm

“The early bird catches the worm.” Famous English proverb.
But what about the early worm? I guess its eaten by the early bird, right?
In this saying, the bird is on the offensive. It is out to make something happen. Out to do things. Out to get some result.
The worm, on the other hand is on the defensive. It is out to simply survive; to not be eaten, to not die, to not let what the bird will do to it happen, The worm’s actions are not its own, but are rather based on avoiding those of the bird. The worm doesn’t have actions of its own that have nothing to do with the bird. The worm’s only job is to defend itself against the bird.
In life, you should refuse to be on the defensive. Don’t let life happen to you. Get on the offensive and make life happen for others. Don’t be a worm. Don’t be a recipient of life. One of the greatest joys of life is accomplishment; Realizing the fruition of your efforts. When you take a defensive position in life, you don’t have tangible fruit save for the time you’ve been around and survived.
Refuse to be a worm. Everything life hands you will usually try to get you into that defensive position. Most life coaches will train you good defense. I’ll say, have your defensive strategy solid, but have a more solid offensive strategy.
Buy an umbrella to keep yourself dry from the rain, but plant a garden and let it be watered by the rain. Keep yourself safe, yes, but live your life fully. Silence is golden, but the price of wisdom spoken is far above rubies. Read your friends’ and followers’ Facebook posts and tweets, but post some of your own every now and then. Save your money, yes, but invest your money. Be careful to not be hurt and heart-broken, but step out, take the risk and love. Take a more offensive approach on life. Refuse to be the worm. Be the bird.
And when you’re the bird, be the early bird. The early bird catches the worm, the late bird starves. Cease opportunity. Opportunity is for you, the bird. Worms don’t get opportunity. Worms only get luck. And its either good or bad luck. But with opportunity, your luck is better. Its all good. The only bad luck with opportunity is in missing the opportunity. Life shouldn’t always happen to us. We should as much as possible, make life happen for us and others.
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8 thoughts on “Early bird, Early Worm

  1. Well written Gordon. This article is profound and diligently written. I like the part about ceasing opportunity, its an awakening to the African child because we have been taught to draw our opportunities from other people I mean we aren’t aggressive enough to “go for it”. Well done and God bless you

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  2. Same action – opportunity for some ( bird) bad luck for some ( worm).
    Positive for some negative for some !!

    God for some, Satan for some.

    The Creator created both G&S ( God and Satan ) and rested
    His case – a system which works but works for him only and rightly so.

    We get frustrated unnecessarily when this
    system does not work for us.

    It is HIS, not our system.
    Why it should work for us !!


      1. He is “believed” to have said.

        Either someone’s hallucination or Just an advertisement on TV to promote a product called religion.

        The Creator does not talk, has no email id, no phone number.

        If you want to religion-ize, good luck.
        I am a religion divorcee and happy without it.


      2. Heehehe…
        Is there a way we can talk away from here on this matter?

        Coz I am not a very religious person myself, but I do have my own relationship with the “Creator.” That’s the direction I encourage most people into… Not just religion, but relationship. Believe me, there’s a difference

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      3. Now we are on the same page.

        Correct me if I am wrong but the way I understand, we both are religious without any ONE -religion.

        In today’s world we can not be of any one religion and still remain 100 % religious. A war is going on among “my” , “your” and “their” religions !!

        No religious value, if understood clearly ( and not misinterpreted ), can promote war or ‘hating’ others’ religion / religions.

        It might look crazy, but after observing this “war” for almost 50 years, I reached the conclusion that if I wanted to be totally “religious” first I had to ‘de-religion-ize’ myself.

        Hence, the divorce. You may not agree with me but I am at peace now !!


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