My Miracle Center Experience

Jesus Christ said, “On this rock will I build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” And we all know he wasn’t implying an actual “four walled” church building. He was talking about his global church; his body, his ambassadors, his bride, his representatives right here on earth. However, we also know that the Bible encourages us to not give up the habit of fellowship and meeting together.
This then presents the need for THE CHURCH to meet at a church so that THE CHURCH could grow in its reach, its influence, its effectiveness and in its ability to strengthen and have an effect on each individual that it has interface with. The local church is the quickest connection between an individual and their spiritual growth up till the time that they can discern on their own and have matured in their christian walk. This is why when a person “comes to Jesus”, they are encouraged to join and be a part of a church.


Now with all that said, let me introduce you to MY church.
Just off Nabunya road in Rubaga, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda, right there in the valley, is a beautiful facility that is home to my church, the Miracle Center Cathedral.
As you descend the slope towards the church, the physical beauty of the facility is the first thing that catches you. The all white wall and glass building captures your eye, and the serene expanse of green in the church gardens really takes your breath away. And then, there happens to be a lake close by that gives a continual breeze in the gardens that just makes you feel… Free. You actually feel free. Peacefully free.

As you go past the security check point, you get the assurance that the administration in this place is actually concerned for your safety during your entire stay.
There are about three entrances to the church hall and during services, at each there is a team of well clad ministers to usher you into the church. If you like, one of them will actually walk you to an available seat where you feel comfortable. When you walk into the building, you realize how big it actually is. Built to accommodate 10,500 people, the auditorium offers a spacious yet warm feel. Oh! And the roof has no centre column for support, which to many is nothing short of an architectural marvel.



The Music…
The music ministry at the Miracle Center Cathedral are the ones who usually begin the services with powerful, Bible-based songs for the praise and worship. Hhhhhhh… (sigh) How can I describe the music ministry at MCC? Good… Energetic… Great… Powerful!!! Yes, that’s the word. The music at the Miracle Center Cathedral is just POWERFUL. As a matter of fact, there is so much dancing, singing and energy in the praise and worship services, one has to be careful to not break a bone, a shoe heel or something. Seriously!

The MCC music ministry consists of a number of different teams with different feels and genres all the way from choral music to hip-hop and everything in between, tailored to cater to the different tastes and preferences of the congregation, yet all lifting up the name of Jesus in their praise. Every service at MCC is a worship experience on its own! And while they are the same, they are each unique in their own way. I am not trying to overly use ‘Pentecostal lingo’, but the praise and worship at MCC is “anointed and power-packed.”



Then there’s the sermons…
The pastoral team at MCC are a vibrant balanced real group of people that are deep on their theology, yet are not really out to rub it in your face. Led by Pastor Robert Kayanja and his lovely wife, Pastor Jessica, they deliver a timely word every season to not just the congregation at MCC, but to an audience that goes much further and is much broader through different conventional and social media.
In addition to this, the 30+ year old ministry has made great friends over the years that every so occasionally drop by to minister to the people here. Friends of the ministry like Morris Cerullo, Joyce Meyer, Charles Blake, Vera Lim, Bob Nichols, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar,  Matt Crouch, Laurie Crouch, Robb Thompson, Arch-Bishop of York, John Sentamu and so many other great servants of God have come and ministered in the Word of God and in power by the grace of God that is operational upon their lives. The Miracle Center Cathedral has also been proud, yet humbled to host different presidents, ambassadors, ministers, senators and other foreign dignitaries from all around the world, who all express their awe of the work that God is continually doing in the country and region through the presence of this ministry.


How we believe…
The belief system at the Miracle Center Cathedral lies very much in its name; Miracle! Here, we believe miracles are the ‘bread’ of God’s children and while people are taught and encouraged to play their role in their everyday lives, they are also taught to expect the miraculous power of God to be operational in their lives all the time. What can I say? We are taught to be an expectant bunch of people, and to expect miracles. This sprouts from the scripture in Hebrews that says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, and therefore if he did miracles then, he still does miracles today. Actually, it is not unusual to have miracles happen in an ordinary service at MCC. The lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, the sick are healed, the desperate find hope, the weak are strengthened, addictions are broken and the greatest miracle of them all, the miracle of salvation when an individual gives his life to Christ and a soul is saved,  all are experienced in our services by the grace, and to the glory of God.

Lincoln was miraculously healed from Kidney failure. The guy in the blue jumper and the guy in the black shirt are the same guy one week apart.

After a service at MCC, you leave feeling strengthened, energized and recharged in your faith, ready to take on the world outside the four walls. And because of this kind of encouraging and faith building teaching over the years, a church that was once under a papyrus makeshift shelter with barely any people of repute has raised a congregation of professionals, politicians, music celebrities and influential movers and shakers in Uganda’s business community, all lifting up the name of Jesus, because we are taught a message of transformation and are exposed to the transforming power of God. And most of these business people, celebrities and politicians have been made in the church. They didn’t come that way, but because of their application of the teaching they have received, their lives have been taken from nothingness to significance, influence and affluence.

For the first time visitors who are interested in joining the church, the pastor usually likes to tell them to “…give us a year here. If after a year, your life has not been changed (for the better), I’ll personally give you back all the money you spent on transportation on your way here for the entire year…” because he has seen first hand how people’s lives have been transformed at MCC over the past more than thirty years.
Now, is it a perfect church? (Haaahahaha…) Maybe it would be if only all these imperfect people didn’t come to it. But it is an atmosphere where attention is paid to people’s strengths and where God is given room to deal with their weaknesses.

That is my Miracle Center Cathedral. A place where we exalt Jesus, a place of transformation, a place where truly anything is possible and where dreams do come true. ‘Ministering Love in a Hurting World’; #MyMCC




13 thoughts on “My Miracle Center Experience

  1. Oh what a wonderful description of our church, a place where we minister love in a hurting world. We also have several other departments in there . Like sports; football, basketball, netball, volleyball, and many others. We have a Bible college in the same compound, a canteen where you can come and have a break. I think this is a very worm and lovely environment .

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      1. U have made me fall in love with ma church again. And dat photo of Daddy and da music ministry with words “there is no limit to what God can do through me” on the screen… how perfect FOR ME.
        thanx G

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  2. Woow this is a wonderful piece about my miracle Centre cathedral, a church that does massive crusadez of hundreds of thousands of masses coming to the Lord
    Surely miracle Centre cathedral a place to be
    Thx bro.

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  3. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever,.. Miracles are our way of loving, the word of God. And true worshiping the Almighty!! Our God is alive

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