Trip to Kyankwanzi and Hoima

I always hoped that my first travel blog post would be about some exotic place like Paris or New York or Rio… Hmm! Here it is about a trip to Kyankwanzi (yes, it is a place in Uganda, about 230kilometers from Kampala, the capital), can you imagine?!

Anyways, I had barely slept the Tuesday night before because I was packing for the 5day trip, so when we hit the road, I was out like a light, meaning, I can’t write anything about the “journey to.” But I woke just as we were getting onto the dusty road from Bukwiri to Kyankwanzi.

Now, can you imagine nothing? No?! You can’t?! Well that is what you see on your way to Kyankwanzi. A whole lot of nothing; Just green bush. It is so beautiful; and this stand-alone beauty that needs nothing else, really, to compliment it. The bumpy and dusty road however, kind of makes your appreciation of it… You know… not so much. But every so occasionally, we’d come upon a herd of cattle and a couple of herdsmen as if to help give the reassurance that we are not at the “end of the world” just yet.

Before long, we were in Kyankwanzi, where there were so many people who had come to attend the conference and crusade. I kept wondering where they all came from or stayed. Because along the way, for about twenty kilometers, you only see about 10 or 15 homes. I still wonder where the people came from.


So anyways, conference ends and we head out to the hotel in Hoima where we were booked to stay, about 80kilometers away (Kyankwanzi has no hotels). But most of us were too tired to complain. However, when we got to Hotel Kontiki in Hoima, boy, am I glad we didn’t complain!!! There was barely any room to complain. It felt like an oasis.

Complete with a gym, swimming pool and WiFi, all a part of the residential package for their guests, Kontiki’s services always helped the team and I in preparation for the long days we had ahead, and in relaxation from the ones we were putting to rest.

Established just about a kilometer from Hoima town, it manages to balance an urban, rural, executive and vacation kind of feel. It is a great experience. The well mowed green is only interrupted by stone paved walkways, beautiful tall trees and the simplest buildings you could imagine (nothing storied). This is in addition to the peace and quiet in the place (although there was this donkey in the property neighboring, that just kept braying the day away, (it wasn’t a disturbance.))


So every morning, the team would meet up for a word of prayer, prepare and hit the road to Kyankwanzi, experience the miracles we did in Kyankwanzi, and in the evening, we’d retire to our little oasis back at Kontiki. We’d get back so tired from the days’ work, but we were glad we had a place to refresh and prepare for the next day.

Now, I am not saying you get five star treatment there, so, whether I was just personally impressed because of the contrast between Kyankwanzi and Kontiki, or the place is actually great is a discussion for another day.

But if you are ever in the Hoima area, you might want to check it out.
To know more about the conference and crusade that we had gone to attend, click here.


Check out more about Hotel KonTiki, Hoima here.

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