Success Keys-The Power of Consumption

When is the last time I updated my blog? It’s been a while, right? Yet I have been doing a lot of writing lately, but it hasn’t been for the blog. It has been some other work.

I guess what I am pulling at is the power of consumption; being consumed by something so powerful that it makes you put all else aside. If there is one thing that we need in order to succeed… this is it. We need to be consumed. If it is a business, an idea or a work assignment, if you are going to do it right, it must consume you.

It is so sad that Steve Jobs (RIP) never met me before his passing (wink, wink), but I was told that the way he’d get his creative juices flowing is by closing himself in a dark room where everything he saw was only in his mind. And then he would get the craziest ideas that launched apple Inc. to the top of the world and kept it there. CONSUMPTION!

Doing work

The moment your mind classifies something as an alternative, that thing drops in priority and your body allocates resources to activities and actions according to priority. This is why you get hungrier easier when you are idle. You get sleepier easier when you aren’t doing much, but if you have a deadline to beat, you can go days without eating or sleeping. (Of course this isn’t healthy, but it is factual.) The moment you are consumed by something, whatever it is, you do not feel the pinch of the sacrifice you are making to achieve it. You will move heaven and earth to achieve whatever it is that you are reaching for.

So today, make it your prayer to have the right things consume you; to have whatever you are doing be a force that eats you up right from the inside. This one thing is what sets people apart from others.

Do not just be a consumer of what has consumed others. Be consumed yourself and see the horizons broaden beyond your wildest dreams.

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