Success Keys: The Power of Drive

Welcome to the success series episode 2.

Today, we are discussing drive!

So many times, I have heard motivational speakers and team-leaders talk about the power of setting goals. We are often encouraged to set manageable goals and targets so that we can beat them, set new ones, beat those as well and so on and so forth.

I would like to join those in encouraging us to set attainable goals, but more than that, I would like to encourage us to have what is called drive.

You see, the difference between drive and goals is that goals are attainable, while drive is insatiable.

28ae5ecDrive is that thing that gets you up in the morning to go out and achieve your goals. Drive stays even after your goals have been attained. Which is why the day after you finish an assignment at work, chances are that you will still show up at work. What is that? Drive.

I would like to encourage us to have a driving force that is right from within. The way that you drive a car or cattle is the same way that what drives you drives you.

If what drives you is external, then you will be driven by your boss, deadlines, assignments, your wife and kids, friends and family and such. But if you are driven by internal forces; a desire for excellence, pain, compassion, greed, fear, revenge, love, these forces know no limits. You will have an energy beyond the physical to go out and attain those goals and dreams, so that you can arrive and stay at your desired destination.

I haven’t met Bill Gates yet, but I know that the reason why the richest man in the world would get up and go to work every day is more than just to stay the world’s richest man. He has drive. And with that, he has done more than just make billions. He has changed the lives of billions.

In a nutshell, your drive will keep you going even when you get there. And the beauty is that you can determine and let what drives you drive you. Does that make sense?


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