Parallels: One unlike Another

As he lay still on the floor, unable to move a muscle in his well-built, well-toned body that he had worked years to keep in the shape it is in right now, thoughts began to rush through his mind, wondering how he could have gotten there. He tried to move but he couldn’t.

What disturbed him was that while he most assuredly smelled the blood, he didn’t feel any pain. Was it his blood? Perhaps not. He wasn’t too sure. He felt nothing but a mix of peace and fear. He was calm, but scared.
What is happening? What is going on? In him, he knew, this is it. But he kept wondering when it was all going to happen. His eyes were wide open, but the place was too dark for him to see anything.

Then all of a sudden, a little glimmer of light from his foot-ward side and he began to hear music in the distance. It wasn’t the music he had expected to hear. While he’d always thought that at that point he’d hear beautiful choral music, decorated by pianos, pipes and organs, he instead heard,

“When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a waving flag.”

Then there walked up to him the most beautiful lady dressed in a white rug-like dress. He noticed that as she drew closer, the light became brighter. The light he saw was literally radiating from her, and she was the one singing the K’naan song. But her voice was unlike any other – mysterious – in the fact that she sang the song complete with the backing track, all in her voice. Whoa!!!

He was not sure whether she was going to help or just stay there with him. He again noticed that he couldn’t move and with the mixed emotions, the fear being greater than the peace, he tried to ask what was going on, but just as he forced sound from his voice, he jolted out of sleep. It was just a dream – or was it?!

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