Do you have a personal development plan?

At a surprise birthday party last November (2018), amidst all the fun, a friend of mine brought up the topic of personal finance development. He mentioned it in passing so as not to ruin the fun, but we scheduled a meeting for January this year to discuss the issue specifically. At the Jan meeting, Brian introduced to us the whole practical concepts of a personal development plan. In this day and age, this could be one of the most discussed topics, but you would be surprised at how few people actually follow through with the things they have learned from this overly discussed subject.

For those of you out there following a personal development plan, congratulations and keep going. For those who do not have a plan, there is something in this post for you. 

What is a plan?

A plan’s construction starts simply as a desire. The desire when clearly stipulated is what you could call a dream. When you add a deadline to that dream, it becomes a goal. When you add steps and bench markers to that goal, it then becomes a plan. I know we all have desires, but many of these desires end up as castles in the sky because they remain in the unseen realm of desire. Now, I ask, what steps and bench markers are you taking to realize your desires? If there are none, then your desires shall be realized only by a stroke of luck or never at all. It is foolish for us to be blessed with desires yet relegate the progress of our lives to strokes of luck, wouldn’t you think so?

The Holy Bible says that if we delight in the Lord, He gives us the desires of our hearts. This means that desires can be divinely planted, and that what you want could be exactly what God wants for you. However, those desires only materialize with proper planning, not by luck.

Developing a Personal Development Plan

It is quite easy to develop a personal development plan. Just take time off to breakdown the different areas of your life;




Other relationships, etc.

Now, draw out a clear plan for how you would like to develop in each one of those areas – make the desired end result as detailed as possible. Remember, that is how you convert a simple desire into a dream – you clearly stipulate it. Instead of, “I want a business of my own,” try, “I want to start up a stock brokerage firm.” When you state that you want to be operational by May 2025, you have set a goal. After this, you need to ask yourself how you are going to hit that goal. You will find that the answer lies in setting and beating other smaller goals, like taking a class or even making a number of phone calls. When you have answered the how questions, you have a plan. 

It is difficult for things to get better for you if you are not getting better yourself. Refuse to be ‘among the number’ of those who walk around with a head-full of information but void of results, simply because they have not put the information they have to practical use. Frankly speaking, there is nothing new under the sun. The differences between people are mostly what they do with what they know. 

The most important thing about this particular post is the encouragement to do what you have learned now or known for years. Remember, it will not work if you don’t put it to work. Step out and do it. 

Below is a portion of the template of the Personal Development Plan that my friends and I are following. Please feel free to tweak it to your own specifications where applicable. Lastly and most importantly, get an accountability partner with whom to share your personal development plan so they can monitor your progress, but also shake you up when you begin feeling lazy.

The above template was introduced to me by Brian Senoga. Develop and customize it to suit the areas in your life that you would like to develop and grow in, and thereafter, follow it religiously.

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