Positive Attitude: The story of Grace Agaba

Have I ever mentioned it on here that in addition to my music and my writing, I am also an editor? No? Well I am. And this particular piece is about Grace Kemigisha Agaba, one of the people whom I helped with the editing of her upcoming book.

I have known Grace for the past eleven years, but in editing the manuscript of her book, I got to know a side of her which I was unaware even existed. She has a uniquely remarkable story.

Grace had dropped out of school in Senior 5 because of lack of school fees. This was supposed to be devastating for her, as she had always wanted to be a doctor. That was not going to be possible if she could not go further with her education. However, Grace happens to be the queen of positive vibe and good attitude.Grace Agaba

Throughout her no-school-days, Grace kept a smile on her face and her dream of practicing medicine alive in her heart, even when all external circumstances seemed contrary. When the situation got worse and she struggled to even have the basics of life (yes, I am talking about food, shelter and clothing,) Grace continued to smile and give off positive vibes. This positive energy she radiated caused the right people to flow into her life and steadily, good things started happening for her.

She started volunteering at her church in Kabale, S.W Uganda as a musician and interpreter. Because of her positive attitude and vibe, the favor upon her life grew and continued to increase. People felt honored to buy her clothes, do her hair, give her money and so much more. Before she knew it, she was a radio personality and her own kind of local celebrity.

She later on met and married Joab Agaba and they moved to Kampala. When Grace had her 2nd child, she decided it was time to reignite her dream of medical practice and just like that, she went back to school – A married breastfeeding mother in school uniform! She would help her kids with homework yet she had to do her own homework as well. 

Grace never lost her zeal for ministry. Inspite of the responsibilities she was juggling, she also ministered in the music ministry of the Miracle Centre Cathedral (where I met and have known her for over eleven years.)

How does a person return to secondary school after 13+ years? Yet she did, and she killed it.

One could never know the weight on Grace’s shoulders because of the beaming smile that always radiates from her face and the positive vibe she gives off from her spirit.

To cut an extremely long and dramatic story short, today, Mrs. Grace Agaba is practising medicine as she had always dreamed. Infact, she owns and runs a clinic in Ntinda, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda. She and her husband, Dr. Joab Agaba (PhD.) have grown by leaps and bounds.

When I learned all this and so much more about this lady, I was so inspired and thought this a story worth telling. The one point to take home from this story is, it is never too late for you to start working towards achieving your dreams. All you need is positive vibes, a good attitude and clarity of purpose, and you are well on your way to being the best you that you can be.

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